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Features that make a real difference to your agricultural business

Advanced Mapping

Your farm is at the heart of your business. This is why iAgri’s advanced farm mapping system is at the heart of this Farm Management software. Easily view your farm, separate into paddocks, allocate resources and manage your farm for increased productivity, efficiency and profitability.

Farm & Feed Budgets

Planning ahead is the key to business success. In the unique farming business environment, this is not only for financials but also for key inputs. This is why iAgri has separated financial and feed budget planners into easy to use modules that allow you to plan, revise and build success.

Stock Management

Virtually every activity that takes place on the farm can be recorded in the iAgri program. For dairy, beef and other livestock farmers, your animals are your livelihood and their health, productivity and management directly impacts on your profits. This module enables you to record essential information, inputs, outputs and treatments for both individual animals and mobs.

Paddock Management

Integrating with the advanced mapping system, each paddock or sets of paddocks can effectively be managed in the Paddock Diary module. Whether you are applying fertilisers, harvesting, performing soil testing or monitoring general performance, the Paddock Diary will provide you with the tools to effectively manage and plan ahead.

Accounting Made Simple

We have made accounting simple. With automated recording and analysis of cash transactions, the ability to import statements and accurately reconcile bank statements, we have taken the hassle out of accounting. Our reporting system allows you to easily view the performance of your business at any stage.  And with the Xero and MYOB integrations, connecting with your accountant is as easy as a push of the button.

Easy Invoicing

Getting paid for your products and services is what you enjoy the most. This is the reward for all your hard work. So simplicity and ease of use was central when iAgri developed the invoicing module. Creating invoices, receipts and statements is a breeze as well as accessing essential reports including full and part payments, debtor balances and end-of-year reports. Sharing your data with financial advisors encourages collaborative efforts working towards your business goals.

Connect with Advisors

Surmountable information about your business is one thing, but software that is able to collate and interpret this data into easy to read reports is something else. This allows you to see the strengths and weaknesses of your business and empower you to make changes for the better. Which is why we have a database of approved accountants and farm consultants that understand iAgri, agriculture and how to improve your bottom line profitability. 

Detailed Reports

Comprehensive reports allow you to monitor your state of affairs at any given time. This is where your recorded financial, productivity based and general farm data is turned into information from which good business decisions can be made. Select the report type and presentation options to access easy to read PDF reports. 






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